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Feb 12 2015

4 Simple Steps to More Energy-Efficient Lighting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. February 12, 2015 – Since 40- and 60-watt incandescent light bulbs can no longer be manufactured in the United States (as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007), the rush is on for homeowners to find energy efficient and long lasting lighting alternatives.

Nov 12 2014

Autumn Home Prep

6 Things Every Homeowner Should Do Before Winter

KANSAS CITY, Mo., October 31, 2014 – Though many are enjoying the beautiful colors, warm days and crisp nights of autumn, winter is just around the corner. Westlake Ace Hardware reminds homeowners there are six key things they should do now before the mercury drops and the snow flies:


Apr 02 2014

A Fresh Look for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City

Westlake Ace Hardware refurbishes the Cherry Street House kitchen, dining room and sunroom with fresh paint in exciting colors, refinished furniture and other improvements

KANSAS CITY, Mo., (April 2, 2014) – Spring is finally here, and to celebrate the brighter days ahead, Westlake Ace Hardware has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City (RMHC-KC) to refurbish the kitchen, dining room and sunroom at the Cherry Street House (2501Cherry Street). 

Apr 02 2014

Awaken Your Home With New Paint Colors and Décor Trends

Westlake Ace Hardware helps homeowners invite a breath of fresh air indoors this spring and summer with hot new colors and eye-popping projects.

KANSAS CITY, Mo., May 13, 2014 – Westlake Ace Hardware, in conjunction with Ace Hardware’s team of Design Experts – Julie Richard (Boston, Mass.), Nathan Fischer (Orange County, Calif.) and Katie Reynolds (Dallas, Texas) – is unveiling its predictions for the top spring 2014 color and home décor trends. These design trends and modern paint colors evoke the fresh, brighter days of summer.

Dec 05 2013

Winter Weather is on the Way

Winter Weather is on the Way - Ten Things You Can Do NOW to Prepare

LENEXA, Kan. (December 5, 2013) - Chances are pretty good that most of the Midwest will get a covering of snow and some freezing temperatures at least once this winter. And, while a fresh blanket of snow can be a pretty site, removing it from your sidewalks and driveways and dealing with unfreezing frozen pipes and gutters can be anything but pleasant unless you are properly prepared. Follow these winter weather preparedness tips to make sure you're ready to deal with whatever a storm leaves behind.

Aug 13 2013

Summer’s End Doesn’t Mean The End of Lawn Care

Simple Steps for Stress-Free Fall Lawn Renovation

LENEXA, Kan. (August 13, 2013) – Late August through October is the optimal time for homeowners to renovate their lawns, prepare turf for winter, and look ahead for lush spring growth.

Aug 12 2013

Westlake Ace Hardware Announces Opening Date of West Plains Store and Chances to Win Big Prizes

LENEXA, Kan. (August 12, 2013) – Westlake Ace Hardware has announced an opening date of August 16, 2013 for their newest store, located at 1401 Mitchell Road in West Plains, Missouri.

Jul 12 2013

In the Kitchen with Bonnie

Westlake Ace Hardware's selection of grilling products  and service was featured on “In the Kitchen with Bonnie” in Kansas City.

"In the Kitchen with Bonnie" is broadcast on the foodie series on Educational TV Channels in parts of the metro area and is featured on Time Warner’s “KC on Demand” - Channel 411 and YouTube.

May 02 2013

Westlake Ace Hardware Announces New Store in West Plains, Mo

LENEXA, Kan. (May 2, 2013) - Westlake Ace Hardware announced today it will open a new location at 1401 Mitchell Road in West Plains, Mo. (the former site of Goody’s department store). The new store will serve as the anchor for the West Plains Marketplace shopping center.

Apr 05 2013

Spring Your Lawn Back to Life

Great tips from Westlake Hardware to refresh and renew your lawn this spring

LENEXA, Kan. (April 5, 2013) – April is a great time to refresh and renew your lawn. With last year’s extremely dry summer, it’s likely there has been some degree of damage, die back or death to your once lush lawn.

Apr 01 2013

Enhance Your Home This Spring With Foundation Plantings

Westlake Hardware provides 10 tips for choosing plants that will add value and interest to your home

LENEXA, Kan. (April 1, 2013) – Foundation plants like boxwood, juniper and yew can frame a house and make it aesthetically pleasing throughout the year. But these plants are far more than just another pretty face; they should be considered an investment in your property that will help reap long-term benefits when properly planted and cared for.

Mar 08 2013

A Fresh Look for the Newest Westlake Ace Hardware Store

LENEXA, Kan. (March 8, 2013) – On March 15, Westlake Ace Hardware will hold grand opening festivities for its new location at 2300 South Springfield in Bolivar, Missouri. According to company officials, the store opening not only helps expand the hardware store chain’s market in southern Missouri, it will be an opportunity to showcase a fresh, new store design and layout.

Nov 30 2012

Donor of the Month

Westlake Ace Hardware Named Donor of the Month by Habitat for Humanity Kansas City ReStore

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Westlake Ace Hardware store chain was recently named Donor of the Month for December by Habitat for Humanity Kansas City ReStore. Westlake has been a cherished local partner to the Habitat KC ReStore for many years but in December 2012, Westlake was given this honor for its in-store promotion “Milwaukee Tool Trade-In Event”. Tools collected as part of the trade-in promotion will be donated to Habitat for Humanity KC ReStore for resale at their two Kansas City locations, 4701 Deramus Avenue and 303 W. 79th St.

Nov 21 2012

Duct Tape Wallets, PVC Wreaths and Hex Nut Bracelets:

Nine Great Do-It-Yourself Holiday Crafts and Gifts

Nail the perfect gift for everyone on your list with these creative DIY projects made from items found at your local hardware store.

LENEXA, Kan. (November 20, 2012) – So many people on your holiday shopping list, but so little time. With these projects you’ll want to make time. And, maybe even a duct tape wallet or two.

Check out these creative ideas, all using items you can pick up at your local hardware store. From weird uncles and hard-to-please spouses, to even-harder-to-impress coworkers, there is something to please everyone on your list. Best of all, each item will be special and hand-made by YOU.

Nov 12 2012

Winter Weather Preparedness

Westlake Ace Hardware's Experts Equip You to Get Through Winter

LENEXA, Kansas., November 12, 2012 — Snow may be pretty, but winter’s variety of frozen and slushy precipitation can lead to a lot of work and problems around the house.

But if you keep the right tools on hand, winter does not have to be cause for stress or worry. With the proper preparation, you can get through the snow and ice without too much strenuous work, and prevent any damage to your home.

Get a jump on winter with the preparedness tools and tips below.

Oct 18 2012

Recent Ghost Activity at Westlake Hardware Linked to Rash of Unfinished Home Repair Projects

5 Tips to Overcome Stalled Home Improvement Projects

(Lenexa, KS, October 15, 2012) – Earlier this month, a rash of unexplained paranormal activity, including noises, temperature fluctuations, disturbed inventory and apparitions, was reported in several Westlake Hardware stores across the county. An investigative team from HAMR (Home for Abnormal and Metaphysical Research) was called in to document the activity and has the following report:

Oct 10 2012

Paranormal Activity Spotted at Westlake Hardware Locations

10 Tips to Ghost-Proof Your Home and Protect Yourself from a Similar Fate

(Lenexa, KS, October 5, 2012)–Paranormal activity, including noises, temperature fluctuations, disturbed inventory and apparitions, have been reported in several Westlake Hardware neighborhood stores across the region. An investigative team from HAMR (Home for Abnormal and Metaphysical Research) has been called in to document this activity.

Sep 26 2012

7 Easy Tips for An Autumn Paradise In Your Yard

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." ~ Albert Camus

LENEXA, Kan. Sept 25, 2012 — Heat and drought of the summer of 2012 left many landscapes in need of an injection of color and texture. So as the days get shorter, the air gets crisp, and the trees become ablaze with autumn colors of red, orange and yellow, take time to refresh your garden and patio and turn it into the perfect retreat for enjoying the season.

Sep 05 2012

Basic Lawn Care vs. Complete Lawn Renovation

How to Repair Your Drought-Stricken Lawn This Fall

LENEXA, Kan. Sept. 5, 2012 — During the grueling, hot, dry months of the summer of 2012, lawns across the region suffered greatly. During a typical summer, most lawns enter a dormant phase to conserve moisture and energy. However, the historic drought of 2012 has been destructive to communities and homeowners, leaving behind enormous dry patches – the signature of both dormant and dead lawns. In fact, roughly 80 percent of the U.S. has experienced drought this year, some areas reaching severe and extreme drought conditions.

Aug 08 2012

Westlake Hardware to Close Store in Independence, MO

LENEXA, Kan. August 8, 2012 — Westlake Ace Hardware announced today it will close its store located at 4545 South Noland Road, in Independence, Mo. The last day of business for the store will be Sunday September 2, 2012. Company officials stated that financial performance has not been at the level necessary to continue its operation. The Company will continue to operate the second Independence Westlake store located at 415 East 24 Highway.

Jun 28 2012

Westlake Hardware to Close Store in North Dallas

LENEXA, Kan. June 28, 2012 — Westlake Ace Hardware announced today it will not renew the lease for its store in North Dallas. The last day of business for the store, located at 10031 Marsh Lane, will be July 31, 2012. Company officials stated that financial performance has not been at the level necessary to enter into a new long term lease agreement.

Jun 28 2012

Westlake Hardware to Close Store in St. Charles, Mo.

LENEXA, Kan. June 28, 2012 — Westlake Ace Hardware announced today it will not renew the lease for its store in St. Charles, Mo. The last day of business for the store, located at 1920 Zumbehl, will be July 1, 2012. Company officials stated that financial performance has not been at the level necessary to enter into a new long term lease agreement.

May 29 2012

Create a Garden that Welcomes Nature’s Most Beautiful Insects: Butterflies

Fly, fly, fly the butterfly…in the garden is flying low – nursery rhyme

Create a Garden that Welcomes Nature’s Most Beautiful Insects: Butterflies

LENEXA, Kan. May 29, 2012 — Kids love to chase them. Adults simply enjoy watching them. Every person young and old gets excited when one alights on a shoulder or outstretched hand. Butterflies are nature’s most beautiful, natural garden adornments. They add splashes of color and delicate movement. As their natural habitats disappear, there are several easy and fun ways to create a butterfly habitat in your backyard that will not only help them survive – but flourish.

May 07 2012

Mother’s Day is For the Birds!

Help Mom Create a Garden that Welcomes Them

LENEXA, Kan. May 7, 2012 — Treat your Mom to a “tweet” surprise on Mother’s Day by helping to fill her garden with hummingbirds, songbirds, finches, woodpeckers, sparrows and more. Not only will she appreciate you, but with the right accessories she will enjoy your special gift throughout the year.

Whether Mom enjoys tiny hummingbirds or loves to watch colorful finches and songbirds, some great planning and gardening will create an environment sure to attract birds. Four simple elements will make any yard a bird’s favorite destination: food, water, shelter and nesting places.

Jan 25 2012

Westlake Ace Hardware Teams with SoundBite Communications to Deliver Innovative Weather The Storm Program

Customers Benefit from Timely, Location-Based Inclement Weather Notifications to their Mobile Devices

BEDFORD, Mass., January 25, 2012 ─ SoundBite Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: SDBT), a leading global provider of mobile marketing solutions today announced it has deployed a new mobile campaign with Westlake Ace Hardware, the largest member of the Ace Hardware Cooperative. Westlake is leveraging SoundBite’s multi-channel communications platform and mobile marketing expertise for their Weather the Storm mobile campaign.

Jan 03 2012

Colder Weather Increases Risk of Uninvited Guests in Your Home

TULSA, Okla., January 3, 2012 — Whether it’s bats in the belfry or nuisance raccoons, Ned Bruha is a man of all seasons when it comes to evicting uninvited and destructive wildlife from homes and businesses throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states. Winter is an especially demanding time of year for the Vice President of The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc., which is featured on the reality television series that airs on Animal Planet.

“When it starts turning cold, animals want to move back into attics and under crawl spaces,” according to Bruha. “The biggest ‘move in’ of uninvited guests that we have this time of year is squirrels, raccoons and skunks. Mother Nature has been generous with the warm weather this year, so our second busiest season is just getting started.”

Dec 11 2011

The Art of Winter Grilling

LENEXA, KS, Dec. 7, 2011 — With 90 percent of people across the nation attending at least one barbecue every year, grilling is an American tradition. For some, it’s a way to a good meal. But for others, it’s much more—it’s a hobby, a passion, a way of life.

Westlake Ace Hardware's grill master Scott Drawbaugh places himself in the latter group.

“There’s nothing like grilling. I’m always experimenting with new methods and tools,” Drawbaugh said.

For enthusiasts like Drawbaugh, grilling is an art. It takes time and practice. Once you master the basics, there is endless room for experimentation with different techniques and recipes. And like any artist, a grilling enthusiast needs to be equipped with the right tools.

Aug 24 2011

George Smith, CEO Interview

George Smith, CEO of Westlake Ace Hardware, is interviewed by Thinking Bigger Business Media Inc.  Smith shares insights for building a strong customer-service focus in light of changing consumer lifestyles by providing answers and "how to" information to customers, and by implementing a customer insights program to gain ongoing feedback from shoppers. Westlake Hardware was recently named Retailer of the Year by Home Channel News, the leading hardware and home improvement industry trade publication. LISTEN

May 04 2011

Westlake Ace Hardware named ‘Retailer of the Year’

Lenexa, Kan.-based Westlake Ace Hardware, one of the country's leading independent hardware retailers and a company reaping the benefits of a top-to-bottom reevaluation , has been named "2011 Retailer of the Year" by Home Channel News.

The company will accept the award May 11 at the Golden Hammer Awards breakfast event in Las Vegas, held in conjunction with the National Hardware Show.

Apr 28 2011

Consumer Lifestyle Changes Prompt Growth Strategy Shift for Westlake

Hardware Leader Wins National Retailer of the Year Award

When the U.S. economy began to slide into recession in 2008, Westlake Ace Hardware, like all retailers, faced challenges.  Westlake’s fortunes, like those of its larger home center competition, have traditionally been linked to the housing industry, so this economic downturn was especially daunting.  At the time it was not understood how long or deep the recession would be, but Westlake management did understand this recession was going to do more than impact consumer spending in the short term.  Westlake detected subtle yet important shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors.  Their customers spoke about spending more time with family, staying closer to home and reconnecting with friends, neighbors and the local community.