Nov 01 2017

5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Home for The Holidays

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Nov. 1, 2017) — The holidays are right around the corner and that can mean a flurry of houseguests and activity. But getting ready for company doesn’t necessarily call for hours of work to give your home a fresh new appearance — a number of projects can be accomplished in one weekend or during a single evening.

Here are some ideas that require just a few hours, a little elbow grease and won't break your budget:

1) Tend to the loo – The holidays bring housefuls of people to our homes and often plumbing problems with them. Do a quick toilet check before company arrives and if it is leaking, running, slow-filling or noisy, it might be time to replace the toilet valve or flapper.

Having a good plunger on hand is a must and if the plunger doesn’t do the trick, try a sewer snake. Made of bendable steel, a snake is maneuvered into a drain and can reach clogs up to 25 feet away, breaking them apart with a gentle twist or tug. 


2) Clean the carpets and rugs – If your carpet or rugs show signs of stains and dirt, consider renting a Rug Doctor steam cleaner and performing a deep clean to enhance a room’s décor. To get rid of tough stains, from food, drinks or pets, use a heavy-duty stain remover like Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover to lift out dirt and grime.


3) Prep the fireplace – If you live in the Midwest, chances are your fireplace probably gets a bit dusty from March to October. To prepare for cool nights and your fireplace’s seasonal debut, get a professional check and cleaning before lighting the first fire. You can also give your fireplace an easy DIY cleaning by using a Shop Vac to pick up old ash and cobwebs and burn a creosote buster firelog. Used once per season, it reduces creosote buildup and the chance of a home heating fire.


4) Shed some new light – Nothing brightens a room or brings out the true colors of your home like new lighting. Consider installing light-dimmers and replace LED lights that might cast too blue of a light with the new Finally light bulb. It sheds a softer light and shows true whites, allowing you to save energy without sacrificing ambiance.


5) Freshen up with paint – For a quick update to your exterior, nothing welcomes guests for the holidays like a freshly painted front door. Choose a color that complements your house, but don’t be afraid to go bold. Perhaps a sunny yellow like Valspar’s Chickadee for a cottage feel or go with a vibrant red to enhance a brick home.

A fresh coat of paint on a dining room wall can take a room from drab to fab for Thanksgiving dinner and any occasion. Pick a popular gray color from the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines paint line like Shiplap or Emmie’s Room, available at Westlake Hardware. And don’t forget to touch up trim and the stair kick plates for a clean, finished look.

Before painting, always repair any holes or nicks with wood filler or spackling compound. Once dry, sand it with fine sandpaper. It also pays to invest in high-quality Purdy brushes and rollers. They won’t shed and will help the paint cover more completely.


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