Mar 21 2019

A Shawnee KS Store Associate lives out Westlake Core Values.

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Natalie called her assistant manager on the radio and asked her to come to the front.  When the manager arrived, Natalie showed her an envelope of money she found between the counter and the bags.  Inside was a large sum of money, but nothing to identify who it belonged to. The security tape revealed a gentleman taking the money out of his pocket when paying, setting it on the counter, and then accidentally knocking it off with his coat sleeve. With no information to look up the transaction and contact the man, all they could do was wait. However, no one called; no one came asking for the money. 

 A week passed with no inquiries, so another plan was launched.  Two pictures of the unknown man from the security cameras were posted on Facebook stating he had been at the store on 1/2/19 around 2:30 pm and had lost something valuable.  The request was for identification if anyone knew the man; if not, please share the post. In about 24 hours with over 550 shares, the man’s niece (who lives two hours away from the store) saw the post and contacted her uncle! He came in to claim his money the next morning.  He was so surprised with the high integrity and extra mile people went to in order to return his money. He had frantically searched for the envelope but couldn’t remember where he had taken it out of his pocket.  He was so grateful that he asked the store’s General Manager if he could leave $100 for Natalie.

Later that afternoon, David (the GM) called a store huddle.  He started off by reminding the store team that one of our Core Values is Integrity, and that they had an amazing example in their own store.  He then presented a very surprised and touched Natalie with the $100.  Natalie’s integrity is so strong she never even counted it before she turned it in.

We are proud that our core values don’t just hang on the wall but live in our associates like Natalie!

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