Feb 09 2016

Do It Together This Valentine's Day

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From cleaning a ceiling fan to fixing a leaky toilet, household projects are much more fun when you do it together.


(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) February 9, 2016 – There’s no need for Do-It-Yourselfers to be lonely this Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolates, and dinner and a movie may be fine for some, but the hopeless romantics at Westlake Ace Hardware know the true secret to fueling the flames of desire is to Do-It-Together in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Because couples that fix together stick together, Westlake has made it easy for Do-It-Together lovebirds to get busy, get on it, and go at it with household projects made for two at http://www.westlakehardware.com/dit/.

The Number One Fan

 Bedroom ceiling fan blades can get dirty over time, spreading dust and allergens when turned on. Take this opportunity to clean away the cobwebs. One partner can dust while the other one spots. And if someone gets tired, you can always trade places.

 The Toilet Tango

 Few things are as unromantic as a leaking toilet. Grab your partner by the hand, pour a couple glasses of wine, put on some music, and make your way to the bathroom. One of you can work the tank while the other shines some light on the situation. The most common causes of a leaking toilet are either a broken fill value or a worn-out tank flapper. Replacing these parts is easy to do if follow these lovely leak repair tips and Do It Together.

The Hang Up Hang Out

 Bare walls in your living room aren’t romantic. Hanging treasured pictures and objects together on Valentine’s Day is. Start by making sure the nails are straight. One person can grab a level and hold it against the wall while the other makes the marks. A laser level makes the job even easier.

 The Kitchen Sync

 A clogged pipe can ruin Valentine’s Day faster than a head cold. Eliminating the clog is a lot easier when one of you works under the sink while your partner stays nearby, ready to hand over the tools needed for the job. Whether you use a chemical product to break up and remove the clog, or need to use equipment like plungers or augers, the options are as limitless as your love for one another.

About Westlake Ace Hardware

Westlake Ace Hardware was founded in 1905 and today operates 90 neighborhood hardware stores in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Westlake is the largest member of the Ace Hardware Cooperative, giving the company access to over 70,000 items. For more information, please visit westlakehardware.com.

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