Nov 14 2016

6 Sparkly Smart Tips for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. November 14, 2016 - The hustle, bustle and merriment of the holiday season will soon be in full swing. As you head outside to decorate and make the house sparkle and shine, Westlake Ace Hardware recommends these six tips to make sure your holiday lighting projects are safe and stress-free.

1)   Don’t hang more lights in November than you’re willing to take down in January.

Though we all have our “Clark Griswold” moments, think ahead and be realistic. Remember that a few well-decorated focal points — such as a doorway or a cluster of small trees — make a lot of impact. Plus, it’s easier to take down in the cold of January.

2)   Make Technology Work for You.

Wi-Fi technology is one of the newest developments in holiday lighting this year. The WiOn line of smart switches, outlets, and surge protectors are wireless, app-based, and easy to program and operate from a smart phone. Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet and Wi-Fi Yard Stake are the best choice for outdoor holiday lighting because they’re water-resistant and can accommodate up to three extension cords. 

3)   No Strings? No Problem!

If you don’t have the time to string lights this year, increasingly popular “projection” lights install in seconds and create a unique and fanciful display. All you need to do is place the unit in the yard, hook it up to an extension cord, and watch cars slow down to gawk and neighbors stare with childlike wonderment.

4)   Play it Safe.

A sturdy ladder is a must, especially if you’re planning to climb on the roof. Better yet, enlist a “helper elf” to assist you; it’s fun and safer than going it alone. Also, use only lights and extension cords that are labeled for outdoor use, and secure lights with specialized plastic hooks or plastic “zip” ties. Never use screws, nails or staples to secure lights and extension cords, as they can cause damage to these items — which may lead to an electrical shock.

5)   100 for 1 ½.

For maximum impact, use 100 lights for every 1½ feet of tree or shrub you want to decorate. For example, a six-foot evergreen will require at least 400 to 450 lights. 

6)   Go Big.

Think perspective and scale. Larger holiday lights, such as C7- and C9-sized bulbs, are the best choice to accent a house’s roofline. Mini-sized lights should be reserved for illuminating garland, wreaths, and smaller bushes or trees.

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