Mar 02 2016

Make Mom’s Day – Create a Backyard Getaway

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Put the kids to work and set up an outdoor oasis the whole family can enjoy


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (April 28, 2016) — Mom’s big day is coming up on Sunday, May 8. Taking her out for a Mother’s Day brunch is nice, but creating a backyard oasis she can enjoy with her family for the entire summer – and providing the labor to set it up – now that will make her feel loved.


With some planning and a few items from Westlake Ace Hardware, you can skip the big landscaping bill and Mom can open the door to her very own piece of paradise, right in the backyard.

Make the Most of It
The key is to make the most of the outdoor space available. You don’t have to have a big budget or extreme DIY skills. Just gather the crew (kids included) and get all hands on deck. Then grab the brooms and the hose, and give the area a good cleaning.

Make Planters
With Posts
Frame the patio area with versatile planters featuring a wooden post in the center. Use them to support hanging flower baskets, lanterns or bird feeders, or string lights between them. This project easily creates a new look for an existing space.

This is the part of the project that requires power tools and advance work, so plan accordingly:

1)   Reinforce the underside of wooden barrel planters with planks of wood so they will be sturdy and support the center post.

2)   Position the post inside the barrel and use two L-shaped shelf brackets to attach the wood post to the bottom of the reinforced barrel so it will stay straight and upright while the cement is poured.

3)   Move the barrel to the spot you want it on the patio since it will be heavy to move after the next step.

4)   Mix cement with water inside the barrel. Depending on the size of the barrel, this could take two or three bags of cement to fill to about 8 to 10 inches. Leave room at the top of the barrel for planting flowers.

5)   Let the cement cure for at least 48 hours.

6)   Drill a few holes in the sides of the barrel just above the cement for water drainage for the planters.

7)   Secure a decorative plant bracket to the top of the post for hanging flower baskets.

 Make It Bloom
Now comes the fun part – putting the kids to work. Just grab some gardening supplies, select seeds or plants, and let them get their green thumbs dirty. Fill the planters with potting soil mix and plant flowers like marigolds and zinnia. Select plants like begonias Wave petunias to fill hanging baskets and help the kids hang them on the new posts.

Make It Glow
Decorating an outdoor space with lights takes the backyard oasis ambience to another level. String globe lights between the planter posts, or attach them around the edges of the patio roof or along a fence. The lights give Mom’s patio a warm glow for summer evenings and a festive feel for a party.

Make It Relaxing & Inviting
In an oasis like this, Mom is going to want to put up her feet and enjoy, so look for patio furniture to freshen up the space. You can go with a table and chair set, park benches, or colorful plastic Adirondack chairs, depending on the look and feel Mom wants. A fire pit makes an inviting centerpiece and is a draw for evenings.

Make It a Celebration
Once the work is done, pour Mom a cold drink and one for the family crew as well, and spend some time together enjoying the backyard oasis you worked so hard to create. Mom will thank you each time she steps outside.

Find more photos and detailed tips for creating this backyard oasis online. For other DIY ways to make Mom’s day, check out these “Project Mother’s Day” ideas:

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