May 07 2012

Mother’s Day is For the Birds!

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Help Mom Create a Garden that Welcomes Them


LENEXA, Kan. May 7, 2012 — Treat your Mom to a “tweet” surprise on Mother’s Day by helping to fill her garden with hummingbirds, songbirds, finches, woodpeckers, sparrows and more. Not only will she appreciate you, but with the right accessories she will enjoy your special gift throughout the year.

Whether Mom enjoys tiny hummingbirds or loves to watch colorful finches and songbirds, some great planning and gardening will create an environment sure to attract birds. Four simple elements will make any yard a bird’s favorite destination: food, water, shelter and nesting places.

Not only charming and fun to watch, birds help keep pesky insects under control in the garden. Also, wild birds are an entertaining and interactive way to introduce small children and grandchildren to nature.

Bird Feeders

Common platform feeders will attract several bird varieties:

  • Long, cylindrical tube feeders will accommodate a variety of feeds, including nyjer seed for finches and peanuts for woodpeckers.
  • Feeders for suet, a high-energy, pure-fat substance, are highly attractive to woodpeckers, chickadees and nuthatches.
  • Hummingbird feeders often are red in color and accommodate a sugar-water mixture that the birds lap up with their tongues.
  • If your yard lacks trees large enough to host a feeder, a free-standing feeder hanger is a remedy.
  • Feeders with baffles or secure openings may deter hungry raccoons and squirrels, and certain feeder designs also help keep nuisance birds such as grackles and starlings from monopolizing the feeder.
  • Large capacity feeders are available for owners who have little time for refilling and maintenance.

Bird Feed

When filling your platform feeder, select a feed blend designed to attract birds native to your area.

  • Specific breed-based blends, such as Scotts Wild Finch & Small Songbird Blend, will attract some of the most popular birds.
  • Specialty seeds, such as suet and peanuts, will attract woodpeckers, and nyjer seed will attract finches.
  • Cracked corn, bird berry jelly, peanut butter logs and dried meal worms along with other fun varieties provide a great supplement to regular seed and attract a variety of birds.


Birds require fresh water, so add a water source to your garden and watch as birds flock to the yard.

  • Traditional bird baths can lend an aesthetic addition to landscaping and are available in a variety of large and small structures.
  • If a relaxing fountain appeals to you, add one into your landscaping because birds also are attracted to running water.
  • Be sure to clean bird baths and fountains at least every other day by emptying dirty water and scrubbing simply with a brush (bleach, soap and cleansers are unnecessary). Refill with clean water.


The third essential for attracting birds is shelter. Not to be confused with nesting places, shelter is for short-term use to escape the weather or an approaching predator, such as a cat or bird of prey.

  • Trees, shrubs, wood piles and tall grasses provide good sources of shelter. Many varieties are available in the Westlake Garden Center.
  • Bird feeders should be situated with access to nearby shelter to provide a quick escape, however, at a distance that predators cannot effectively use the shelter as a hiding spot.
  • When it comes to nesting, or a permanent home, birds appreciate dense foliage, such as coniferous tree and bush varieties, because of the protection it provides.
  • Small bird houses also offer nesting sites and come in designs for specific breeds as well as decorative designs to compliment your landscaping.

Enjoy the View

Give Mom a special place to sit enjoy the birds she attracts in the garden by creating a relaxing outdoor space. Choose a shaded area far enough removed from the feeding area and embellish it with elements such as pavers, a wind chime, pea gravel and her favorite flower varieties. Add a comfortable outdoor chair along with weatherproof side table that will accommodate a glass of lemonade, a bird watching guidebook and a pair of binoculars.

For more information, visit your local Westlake Ace Hardware and speak to a lawn and garden specialist. Westlake offers a variety of bird feeders, bird feeds, bird baths, fountains and outdoor living accessories to create an attractive garden for birds and for gifting to your Mom this Mother’s Day.

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