Oct 18 2012

Recent Ghost Activity at Westlake Hardware Linked to Rash of Unfinished Home Repair Projects

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5 Tips to Overcome Stalled Home Improvement Projects


(Lenexa, KS, October 15, 2012) – Earlier this month, a rash of unexplained paranormal activity, including noises, temperature fluctuations, disturbed inventory and apparitions, was reported in several Westlake Hardware stores across the county. An investigative team from HAMR (Home for Abnormal and Metaphysical Research) was called in to document the activity and has the following report:

Based on where disturbances are occurring in the stores, and the activity being observed, Westlake Hardware and HAMR have developed a theory: “It’s almost like these entities have unfinished home maintenance projects. We believe they’re trying to get the supplies they need to wrap them up,“ said Liz Benditt, Westlake’s Internal Paranormal Investigative Team Lead. “The threat of spending the afterlife trying to complete what you couldn’t get to in this life IS truly frightening.”

Westlake Hardware will be keeping HAMR professionals on the case to document further occurrences. Results of their inquiry to date can be found at TeamHAMR.com/case468.

Are you living with a suspended home improvement project? This recent paranormal activity underscores the importance of finishing them before it’s too late. Try these helpful suggestions on how kick your tasks back into high gear:

5 Tips to Overcome Stalled Home Improvement Projects

  1. Visit an Open House. Homes for sale are almost always spruced up to look their best. Not only can visiting a few be a great inspiration for new projects, but it can also help jumpstart a project that’s been lingering too long. You’ll see your home as a buyer would. That is to say, unfinished.
  2. Invite the in-laws over. Nothing lights a fire like the uncompromising eyes of your spouse’s parents. After all, they’ve got a vested interest in ensuring you’re good enough for their baby. Even though you’ve been married 20+ years.
  3. Buy a new tool. They’re like toys for adults, right? You can’t get a new one and not want to play. So a shiny hammer, cordless drill or digital level may be just what you need to finally kick the project in high gear and get it done.
  4. Phone a friend. Chances are you know someone in your neighborhood with a stalled project of his or her own. Find ‘em and team up. Everything is easier, faster and more fun with two.
  5. Stop by Westlake Hardware. You knew this was coming, right? But it’s still valid. We’ve got the products, know-how and advice to help you tackle whatever is slowing you down.

For more information and ideas how to un-stall your home improvement projects and escape harassment from beyond, visit your local Westlake Hardware and be sure and visit TeamHAMR.com/case468 for updates on any additional ghost sightings throughout the month of October.


Liz Benditt
Westlake ACE Hardware
(913) 888-8438

Tom Mentzer
Mentzer Public Relations Group
(913) 626-9066

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