Nov 16 2015

The Finally Light Bulb Company Hosts “No More Ugly Bulbs” Exchanges at Westlake Ace Hardware Stores in Kansas and Missouri

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Trade an “Ugly” Light Bulb for a free Acandescent™ Finally™ Light Bulb


CHARLESTOWN, Mass., November 16, 2015 – The Finally Light Bulb Company, developer of a new energy-efficient lighting technology that is not LED or CFL, announced today that it will be conducting six “No More Ugly Bulbs” exchanges this week at select Westlake Ace Hardware stores in Kansas and Missouri.  Consumers are encouraged to bring an “ugly” light bulb to trade in for an Acandescent™ Finally Light Bulb. The six events are intended to both introduce consumers to a new lighting choice and commemorate the partnership between the Finally Light Bulb Company and Westlake Ace Hardware.  John Goscha, Founder and CEO of the Finally Light Bulb Company will personally host each exchange event.  Time and location information are available at 

“We created Acandescence for the sole purpose of recreating the warm, reassuring glow of the incandescent light we all love, with the energy-efficiency we all need,” said Goscha. “Today’s light bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, they buzz or hum and produce light that is too dim or too bright,” continued Goscha.  “It’s frustrating.  If you have a light bulb that looks ugly, or that makes your room feel ugly, I’ll trade it for a brand new – and free – Finally Light Bulb.”

The long-lasting and energy-efficient Finally™ Light Bulb looks, and instantly illuminates, like a traditional incandescent bulb, but uses 75% less energy than an incandescent and will last 15 times longer − providing up to $75 worth of savings over its lifetime. Using Acandescence™, new technology that is not LED-or CFL-based, the Finally™ Bulb is the first light bulb made in the recognizable light bulb shape to actually reproduce the reassuring warmth and omnidirectional light of beloved incandescent bulbs. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, Finally™ Bulbs fit everywhere and work anywhere.

“Westlake Ace Hardware is pleased to offer our customers more choice in lighting,” said Laura Byrne-Harris, Sr. Director, Marketing and Merchandising. “Since 1905, our goal has been to provide a great shopping experience; one way to achieve that goal is by introducing quality new products that can help people keep their homes running smoothly. We invite everyone to visit one of our stores and check out Finally Light Bulbs for themselves.”   

Finally™ Bulbs, which were voted Best New Home Product by This Old House in 2014, are available in 60 and 100 Watt Replacements.  For time and location information about the six “No More Ugly Bulbs” exchanges, visit


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About the Finally Light Bulb Company

Located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, the Finally Light Bulb Company has exclusively engineered Acandescence™, an innovative new – and energy-efficient – lighting technology that reproduces the warm glow of incandescent at an affordable price. The result is a breakthrough light bulb that successfully replicates the attributes of a traditional incandescent light bulb while using 75% less energy. The bulb lasts 15 times longer than a comparable incandescent. Relax. The right light is here. Finally.  For more information and details about the No More Ugly Bulbs exchanges, please visit

About Westlake Ace Hardware

Westlake Ace Hardware was founded in 1905 and today operates 90 neighborhood hardware stores in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Westlake is the largest member of the Ace Hardware Cooperative, giving the company access to over 70,000 items. For more information, please visit

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