Goodbye honey-dos. Hello, D.i.T. Westlake Ace Hardware | Do It Together Couples that fix together, stick together.

Why D.I.Y. when you can D.I.T.?


Flowers, chocolates, dinner and a movie? All things of the past. Nowadays, the best way to rekindle the love is taking “Do-It-Yourself” to a whole new level. This Valentine’s Day, Do-It-Together. Try one of the D.I.T. activities below, or get creative and try your own. There’s no wrong way to do it, as long as you’re doing it together. Maybe even throw in a bottle of champagne and one of the coupons below – guaranteed to help you D.I.T. all night long.

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Number One Fan Number One Fan

Fan blades can get dusty over time, so take this opportunity to clean away the cobwebs. One partner can dust while the other one spots. And if someone gets tired, you can always trade places.

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The Toilet Tango The Toilet Tango

Take the time to tackle a leaky tank together. Pour a glass of wine, put on some music, grab your partner and make your way to the bathroom. One of you can work the tank while the other shines some light on the situation.

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The Hang Up Hang Out The Hang Up Hang Out

Who says a night in can’t be productive and fun? Those bare walls could use a little TLC this time of year, anyway. Start by making sure the nails are straight. Have one person grab a level and hold it against the wall while the other makes the marks.

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The Kitchen Sync The Kitchen Sync

If the pipes are clogged, why wait until after Valentine’s Day to fix them? What could be more romantic? One of you can work your way under the sink while the other stays nearby, ready to hand over the tools needed.

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