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Dennis Company – It’s Clamming Season

Harvest Seasons

Razor clams are strictly managed by determining clam population levels and harvest plans are set every year. Before harvesting, check the beach to determine if a beach is open or if there are any health restrictions. You can check if there are any marine toxin level restrictions by calling the Marine Biotoxin
Hotline maintained by the Washington Department of Health at 1-800-562-5632.

Allowable Gear

Razor clams may be taken by hand, hand-operated shovel, or tube with a minimum outside diameter of 4″ or (4″ x 3″ if elliptical). Each digger must use a separate container, such as a clam net or bag, but may share digging equipment.

This year is a good one for razor clams. The 2020 season is open and will continue into the New Year.


Cleaning and Preparing Razor Clams

Razor clams are some of the best eating clams in the Pacific Northwest and perhaps the world. Like other shellfish, razor clams should be cooked and not eaten raw. In addition, razor clams must be cleaned before cooking. Cleaning is a fairly simple process and you end up with using almost the entire clam ready to cook.

The first step in cleaning is removing the shell.The easiest way to accomplish this is to first rinse all sand from your clams.After placing your clams in a colander or in the sink, pour boiling water over them long enough to cause shells to “pop” open (5-10 seconds) Do not soak in boiling water as meat will become tough. IMMEDIATELY place clams in cold tap water and remove meat from shell.

License Requirements

A Shellfish/Seaweed License is required for anyone age 15 or older harvesting razor clams and must be in the harvester’s immediate possession and available for inspection during harvest and transport.

Everyone claiming a limit must actively participate in the harvesting process unless they possess a disability permit.


The first fifteen razor clams regardless of size or condition must be retained. One daily limit of fresh shellfish may be in possession. Additional shellfish may be possessed in a frozen or processed form.

Razor clams may not be returned to the beach. For razor clams, holes do not have to be refilled as is required for hard-shell clam digging.

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