Backyard Safety

Lawn mowing and landscaping top the list of household chores when it comes to preparing for backyard parties and barbecues. The simple act of yard work can be riddled with opportunities for injuries if you’re not careful. The Home Safety Council recommends the following tips to make sure your backyard doesn’t become an injury trap:

  • Wear protective goggles and ear protection while using outdoor machinery to prevent sight and hearing-loss injuries.
  • Keep all garden tools out of children’s reach and store them with tines, blades or spikes pointing downward.
  • Fuel mowers outside and only when the motor is completely cool. If necessary, store small quantities of gasoline outside the home in a detached garage or shed, tightly sealed in an approved safety container and out of the sight and reach of children.
  • Start the mower outdoors to avoid raising carbon monoxide levels inside the home or garage.
  • Store pesticides in their original containers and out of the reach of children, and only mix and store pesticides in containers not used for eating or drinking.
  • Clear sidewalks and pathways of any toys and clutter to avoid falls.
  • Make sure all play areas are equipped with proper shock-absorbing materials, such as 9 inches of wood chips, mulch or shredded rubber.*

*Consumer Product Safety Commission

For additional information and resources to help you learn more and stay safe in and around your home, please visit

Check your state and local codes before starting any project. Follow all safety precautions. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and safety of this information. Neither Westlake nor any contributor can be held responsible for damages or injuries resulting from the use of the information in this document.

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