How do I get rid of creeping charlie in my lawn?

Creeping charlie is rivaled only by dandelions in terms of difficulty to get rid of and control. 

How to identify it

Look for dark green, round leaves that have scalloped edges. It has aggressive stems that root as they grow. So it grows in clusters and spreads quickly. It has small purple flowers that appear in spring.

Conditions that favor its growth 

It likes shade, moisture, poor soil fertility. You'll see it most frequently in shade, but it will spread out into sunny areas as well.

How to treat it 

  • Prune trees, if possible, to increase sunlight to lawn area.
  • Water and fertilize the lawn properly.
  • Hand-pull or dig small patches of creeping charlie.
  • Spot-treat using a broadleaf herbicide.
  • Timing is critical when treating this weed; follow label instructions carefully.
  • Plant and establish shade tolerant grass after treatment to prevent a return of this or other weeds.


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