I have a brown spot in my yard, how do I get rid of it?

What causes brown spots in my lawn?


Brown spots in the lawn can be caused by many things, including: dog urine, brown patch fungus, a dull lawnmower blade or grubs.


How to fix brown patch in lawn?

  • To prevent spots caused by the nitrogen in dog urine, create a mulch or gravel area in your yard for your dog.

  • If your brown spots appear after you mow, check your mower blade. Dull blades shred the grass, which damages the ends that then turn brown.

  • In midsummer, check for grubs. And if you find them, apply a grub control product to your lawn.

  • Brown patch fungus grows in circular patterns sometimes several feet wide and is generally found during hot, sticky weather. Treat your lawn every other week for 6 weeks (3 applications) with a lawn fungus control product. And water just once a week, since a wet lawn encourages the fungus.

  • If you have broad patches of brown, you could have overfed your lawn. Water the burned area every 3 days with at least one-half inch of water for about 4 weeks. And don't fertilize again until the area perks back up.


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