Three Little Pigs Smoked Pork Belly

There’s not much to this recipe, but you won’t believe how delicious something this easy can be. 

Westlake Ace Grilling Tool: Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauce and Rubs


  • 7-lb pork butt
  • Three Little Pig rub of choice
  • Three Little Pig BBQ sauce of choice

Grilling Instructions:

  • First, heavily coat with rub of choice on all sides except the bottom fat cap.
  • Heat your grill to roughly 225 degrees. When ready, place the pork butt onto the grill for 10 hours. (Try smoking it with Cherrywood to add a nice flavor to the pork butt).
  • Once the pork reaches 193 degrees, remove it from the grill. Transfer the pork butt to a platter, brush with the sauce and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then gently pull the pork apart and serve with a side of BBQ sauce.

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