What do I need to know about the Zika Virus?

Zika Virus Information and Tips

Zika virus is a disease transmitted by the bites of infected mosquitoes. While symptoms of fever, rash, joint pain and red eye can be mild, concern has been raised due to reports of babies born with birth defects such as Microcephaly.

 Zika has already caused more than 1 million known infections in Central America, South America and throughout the Caribbean including Puerto Rico. There have been confirmed cases of Zika in the U.S., with the infected contracting the disease outside of the U.S. Therefore, health officials are urging people to take precautions by controlling mosquitoes.

Here are some tips to control mosquitoes this spring and summer.

Reduce or kill mosquito larvae

  1. Remove standing water, clean out gutters, remove piles of leaves and keep grass and vegetation cut low to prevent landing spots for mosquitoes.
  2. For water that can’t be removed (bird baths, garden ponds, swampy areas) treat water with a BTI product such as Mosquito Dunks or Mosquito Bites.

Kill existing mosquitoes

  1. Spray hose-end or aerosol products that are registered for mosquito control over your entire yard, including grass, shrubs and bushes.
  2. Use foggers to kill mosquitoes and other biting insects instantly and provide up to 6 hours of bug control.
  3. Mosquito traps can be placed 20-40 feet from an outdoor living area, but positioned away from competing light sources.

Repel mosquitoes

  1. Sprays and lotions can be applied to the skin.
  2. Wrist bands can be worn while outdoors.
  3. Clips can be attached to belt or pants.
  4. Permethrin-based spray can be applied to clothing, tents, and other outdoor gear.
  5. Citronella candles and torches can be used in small outdoor areas.
  6. Granules can be applied to lawns.
  7. Logs and chimineas offer a decorative option to repel insects while entertaining.

Check your state and local codes before starting any project. Follow all safety precautions. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and safety of this information. Neither Westlake nor any contributor can be held responsible for damages or injuries resulting from the use of the information in this document.

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