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Benjamin Moore is paint like no other.

Benjamin Moore is paint like no other. Uncompromising beauty, chemistry, artistry and legacy. And not just any store can sell Benjamin Moore paint and stain. Westlake Ace Hardware is an authorized retailer because we share their uncompromising commitment to quality.

  • Regal® Select Eggshell Finish

    Combines stain release technology and a slight sheen to create a versatile option for high-traffic spaces.

  • Regal® Select Matte Finish

    Combines the smooth, no-sheen look of a matte finish with stain release technology for a fashionable yet functional color.

  • Regal® Select Semi-Gloss Finish

    A high-sheen, moisture resistant paint ideal for trim, doors and cabinets.

  • ben® Interior Paint

    Exclusive Color Lock technology delivers ultimate performance for brilliant, rich, everlasting color.

  • Aura® Grand Entrance® High Gloss Finish

    Available in thousands of colors, the high-gloss finish is perfect for adding drama to a room or highlighting a home’s unique architecture.

  • Aura® Grand Entrance® Satin Finish

    With its excellent color retention, fade resistance and rich, lustrous finish, this paint makes an impression.

  • Ben® Interior Paint – Flat

    Formulated for an easy painting experience, this flat finish is excellent for ceilings and low-traffic areas.

  • Ben® Interior Paint – Eggshell

    This attractive eggshell finish is durable and delivers a smooth finish with great touch-up characteristics.

  • Ben® Interior Paint – Semi-Gloss

    This semi-gloss finish is ideal for trim, cabinets, doors, and wall surfaces that require frequent cleaning.

  • Proudly Particular

    It’s like watching paint dry; that’s how the world describes boredom. But some of you know paint can bring a wall to life.

  • Color of the Year: Caliente

    Experience Color Trends 2018 and the Color of the Year.

  • Where Benjamin Moore Paint is Made

    When you’re particular, you want things done right. That’s why we test all of our paints and stains for months, even years.

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