Key Fob Programming

These days, key fobs do a lot more than get you in and out of your vehicle. They can start your car, open your trunk and even stop a theft. We’ve come to rely on these tiny computers on our keychain so when they stop working, it’s a pain to pay a fortune to replace them at the dealership. That’s where we come in. Our programmable keys are available for up to 60% less than dealership prices and are compatible with most makes and models. Most keys can be programmed when you come in.


Innovative Key Cutting Tech

With the Duracell key system and key fobs by Hillman, we can cut specialty security keys, transponder keys, sidewinder keys and replacement key fobs. We stock the latest in car key cutting and programming technology, so stop by today so we can help you get back to business.


  • Replacements Case and Pads

    Use your own existing electronics and programming. Weathered remotes get a facelift with a new case, buttons & Duracell battery.

  • Full Function Remote

    Full function remotes available.

  • Security Keys

    Our experts can program or replace your transponder chip key and get you back on the road. All security keys are full function and certified “Original Equipment” (OEM)

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