In-Store Services

In-Store Services

When you don't have time or you can't do it yourself, Westlake is here to help. We offer a range of services including:

We cut more than a million keys every year, including transponder keys that start a car by way of radio signal transmission.

Bring in your locks and we’ll rekey all of them to the same size so you won’t have to buy new locks.

If you don't have the tools or just don't have the time to cut it yourself, we can cut lumber to your size specifications. Just take what you want off the shelf and bring it to the service area. We’ll do the rest.

We can repair your window frame and replace the glass.

We’re one of the only hardware stores that will re-screen your window or door. Just bring in the frame, and we’ll do the rest.

Most hardware stores no longer cut glass or plexiglass but Westlake does. Just come in and tell us what size you need and we’ll take it from there.

We can sharpen your mower blades while you shop, or you can leave your mower with us and pick up a more efficient cutting machine at your convenience.

All of our stores have sharpening machines that can add a professional grade hone to your cutlery – all within a few minutes.

Whenever you run out of propane, bring your empty tank to Westlake and pick up a full tank. And don't forget: our late evening hours make it convenient to exchange your propane at practically any time.

When you have rechargeable batteries that have exceeded their use, simply bring them into your local Westlake and recycle them for free.