Lamp Repair

Lamp Repair

Tucked away in a small nook in the attic lies an antique lamp that has been in the family for generations. Although the lamp looks beautiful, it no longer works. Instead of throwing it away or just letting it sit there, now is the best time to fix your lamp and put it to use. At Westlake Ace, we have all the parts and expertise it takes to have that old lamp out on display again.

Looking for the perfect lamp, but not finding exactly what you need? Why not make your own lamp? With the lamp kits available at Westlake Ace, you’ll find the lamp hardware you need to easily make a lamp.

Video: How to Fix a Lamp

Learn how to repair a lamp with this video tutorial. WATCH VIDEO


Video: How to Make a Lamp

Learn how to create a lamp with this video tutorial. WATCH VIDEO

Westlake Ace can help diagnose whatever problem your lamp may have and show you how you can fix your lamp or make a lamp.

How do I fix a lamp?

Repair an old lamp with a lamp kit containing the perfect assortment of lamp parts and step-by-step instructions. HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS

How do I make a new, decorative lamp out of a bottle or vase?

Create a new lamp with a lamp kit containing bottle adapter lamp parts and step-by-step instructions. HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS

Is there an easy, inexpensive way to change the looks of my lamp?

Finials are a great way to add decorative flair to the top of your lamp, while holding the lampshade in place. HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS

I bought a new lampshade, but it looks too low on the lamp. Help!

Changed lampshades? Don’t forget to update your harp to the right size height and finish to best complement the lampshade. HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS

My lamp keeps flickering. Is this safe and how can I fix it?

If your light flickers or will not turn on, it might be time to replace your socket. Available in a push through knob, regular turn knob, 3-way turn knob, pull chain, or keyless, in either nickel or brass finish. HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS

The lamp nipple or pipe doesn’t quite fit. How can I adjust the size?

Adjust the internal workings of your lamp with the right size nipple or pipe, available in a variety of lengths and IP’s. HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS

Something seems to be missing on my lamp. What did I forget?

Put the finishing touches on your lamp with hexnuts, couplings, reducers, and check rings. HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS

How do I safely replace my cracked, frayed lamp cord?

Get your lamp up-to-date and working again by installing a new lamp cord: available in white, brown, gold or silver. HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS