Choosing a Paint Color and Sheen


Tips on picking or matching a color and selecting the right sheen.


So you’ve made the decision to paint a room. My first suggestion to you is to make sure you do the proper prep work to make sure that your paint job is going to look the best it possibly can. I am a big fan of the color fan! I like to have one everywhere I go, and I will take my color fan throughout my room and choose what I think is the most appropriate color to pull the room together.Matching my current color.I have a trick I’d like to show you. Now what you want to do is take a piece of paper and cut two triangles out like this. Put one on the area you want to match and the other on what you think is the right color. And it is pretty clear as day that these two colors do not match yet.Picking the right sheen.What kind of a sheen level would you like? If you’re in your living room or your kitchen or your dining room or your bathroom—do you want to have a lot of sheen do you want it flat do you want it eggshell do you want it washable? What is it that you want? The more sheen there is, the more it’s going to show all of the imperfections in the wall—unless you’ve done that excellent prep work that I’ve talked to you about and your walls look perfect, then you can put whatever sheen level you want on there. A flat paint will show the least imperfections. An eggshell is washable, and it has just a very slight sheen. Then there’s a satin, then there’s a semigloss and there’s a high gloss. If you want to have a high gloss, it’s a very dynamic look, but keep in mind it will show every single imperfection in your wall.


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