How do I replace the stem in my single handle faucet? Part 2


If you have a faucet with a single handle, then this video will take you step by step through the process of replacing your stem. Be sure to watch Part 1 to understand stem basics and to find out the tools you will need.If you have a double handle faucet, watch Part 3.


The first faucet we are going to repair is going to be this Delta.Before we get started on this repair, we’re going to want to shut off this water so you are going to want to get down below this faucet, open up the cabinet doors to your sink. You are going to want to trace from the hot and cold side of this faucet the two lines that come down and they are going to go to what they call stops. Stops are going to have handles on them that you are basically going to turn to the right to shut the water down. Just remember, righty tighty, lefty loosie. Turn to the right, tighten down those stops, to shut off the water.Now we are ready to make the repair so back to the tool that I talked about. It’s got an Allen wrench head on top of it. You know what, if you don’t have this tool, we can always use these.Delta just happens to incorporate it into its tool so what we’re going to do is pull this handle back and that is where our set screw is located … if the spout is in your way you can just move it to one side or the other.You’re going to insert the key and back that Allen screw out.All that’s doing is pulling that Allen screw away from the stem that the handle is attached to.Once we undo that set screw, this handle is going to lift off and we’re going to set this aside. Now we come down to this decorative cap. That’s so you don’t see the heart and soul of the faucet through this handle. So this cap is just going be put on hand tight. We’re going to unscrew this cap. Take it off and set it aside.Now we have a brass nut that holds this stem in place The channel locks that we talked about earlier you are going to want to adjust those to the correct size. The shoulders right here on the nut, you are going to want to put your channel locks right onto there.Now you have a hold of your channel locks hold onto the bottom of your faucet and undo this nut.Once this nut comes loose, you’re going to want to back it all the way off and lift it up.Alright, now that we’ve got the nut off that actually holds the stem in place and now we’ve got our cartridge. This is what is causing the problem and this is what we are trying to repair.So, we lift that cartridge out, and you can tell this is a new cartridge but when you pull your cartridge out, you can see these O rings down here they may have calcium and lime built up around them.There may be little cuts in there. Anything that comes through your water line can get on top of here and score these. This is where your hot and your colds come in. You move your cartridge and that mixes it and allows your tempered water to come out.You’re going to note that there are two feet built on to the bottom of your cartridge. There’s two sockets down there that these feet set in … so when you go to your Westlake Hardware store and show them what kind of cartridge you have they are going to give you this identical piece and you are going to come back and it’s pretty foolproof because all you have to do is put those little feet right back in those same holes.So you’ll set that cartridge back in there and the feet will set in place. You can tell because now you can’t turn that cartridge left or right.We’re going to go back and reassemble the faucet just the same way we took it apart. So that nut is going to go in there and it’s going to pull down. Now these nuts, you make them up hand tight and you will want to go back to your adjustable pliers or channel locks.Hold onto the faucet and just snug this up. There are O rings and seals that are built into this cartridge that hold water from coming up thru here so this joint right here doesn’t hold water it’s holding this cartridge down so the water can’t seep past it.So once you have that nut tightened up, you’re going to want to put that decorative ring back on and make it up. Remember this goes on hand tight, you don’t want to use your channel locks as you don’t want to mar the surface.Now we’re ready for our handle. Once you put your handle back on that Allen wrench will hit one of these flat spots, So what we’re going to do, we’re going to line up the stem with the hole in the handle.Now that we’re on, we know our flat spot is facing this way so we want our Allen wrench to come out the front. We will slide our spout out of the way a little bit.We will take our Allen key or our hex key and tighten this back up. Right there, you have just saved yourself a lot of money and you’ve done your stem repair.Now that we’ve made our repair on our Delta, we’re going to jump to our Moen. The Moen has an Allen screw in the back of the handle opposite of what the Delta is.We’re going to grab ahold of our Allen wrenches and we’re going to have a different assortment and if you look in the back you are going to see approximately what size that head is. I’m going to guess it’s this one right here. We’re going to slide in the back of the handle and loosen up that set screw.Once you get that set screw loose, lift that handle off. Set it to the side. We’re going to have a decorative ring that also comes off here, and remember, don’t use your channel locks as you’re going to scar the finish. So we’re going to unscrew and set it aside. Another shouldered nut here, we’re going to use the adjustable channel locks. Set it on there, turn the nut, loosen it, now we will take it off rest of the way by hand. Set this nut to the side and now we’ve accessed this cartridge. They have two feet on the bottom of this cartridge … you cannot screw that cartridge up. It’s got to be put in one direction. So you’re going to notice there are holes in the bottom of the faucet. When you pull this cartridge off you might have calcium or lime built up on it. Once you go down to your Westlake Hardware store, you’re going to come back with a cartridge and you are going to set it back in the same way. Those feet are going to set in those slots. It won’t allow it to turn.You are going to take the nut again, use your channel locks just to snug it. Tighten that handle up. There you’ve just made your repair on your Moen faucet.


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