Jennifer Brennan

Horticulture Information Specialist,
Turf and Pest Management Specialist
25+ years of lawn and garden experience

Both sides of Jennifer’s family had been farmers for as long as anyone could remember. Then her dad became an engineer. When Jennifer was a child, her engineering father worked for a company in the natural gas business. That company relocated family to Holland for almost three years. It was the country’s tulips and other flowers that led Jennifer to a life of plants.

While in college, Jennifer worked for a man who grew ferns and flowering plants. In addition to her paycheck, her boss regularly gave her plants, turning her dorm room into an unintentional hothouse. After her sophomore year, her dad had to rent a trailer just to get her plants home from school for the summer.

Jennifer earned a degree in ornamental horticulture with a minor in botany, and went to work for the Chicago Botanic Garden. Everyone in her office wanted to work with the most exotic plants. No one wanted to deal with grasses – except Jennifer. She and her microscope became turf experts. After several years at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Jennifer took her microscope to the Chalet Nursery and Garden in Wilmette, Illinois.

For 20 years, Jennifer has been the Chalet’s horticulture information specialist. She founded and grew the education series at the Chalet that now holds classes for more than 4,000 people a year. She’s been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and numerous Chicagoland TV and radio stations.  And for the last 14 years she has been the Horticulture correspondent for the local ABC-TV affiliate.


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