Ron Cowgill

President, Square and Level Media Productions, and, Co-host of Mighty House, a Chicagoland Home Improvement Radio show
25+ Years of electrical experience

Ron’s mom can’t live in a finished house. She needs something to fix. She’ll tear out walls. She’ll replace fixtures and hardware. She’ll do whatever needs to be done. Sometimes, she’ll do things that don’t need to be done at all. She fixes things until there’s nothing left to fix. Then she finds another house. Her passion and zeal left such a strong impression on Ron during his formative years it's no wonder became a certified remodeler and a master electrician.

Ron was in the military, worked in a hardware store and then found a job with a remodeling company – all the while doing remodeling projects on the side. Eventually, his full-time job was getting in the way of his remodeling hobby, so he turned his hobby into a full-time business.

In addition to remodeling, Ron owns Square and Level Media Productions. He co-hosts Mighty House, a home improvement radio show on several stations in Chicago, and is often featured in both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times. He’s also served as the President of the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Ron is the proud father of a young daughter. When asked whether she would follow in her grandmother’s footsteps when it came to knocking out walls and building new ones, Ron said, “Not a chance. She thinks Grandma is a nutbag.”


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