Scott Sherman

Owner of Sherman Plumbing
15+ years as a master plumber

Scott is a third-generation plumber from Nebraska. He’s the grandson of a plumber, the son of a plumber and the nephew of a plumber.

There was little doubt as to what he’d be when he grew up.

That said, his father sealed the deal on his son’s plumbing dreams when Scott was twelve. Scott and his friends often played in the Sherman’s backyard. When his dad installed a water fountain on the outside wall of the garage, his house became the magnet for all his buddies looking for an easy way to cool off.

As he got older, Scott was determined to get into the family business. In fact, as a first-year apprentice, he renovated the plumbing on numerous military housing units almost 50 miles from his home. His weekly take home pay was $92...$6 less than his weekly gas bill.

Not surprisingly, Scott handily overcame all obstacles in his path to become a Licensed Master Plumber.

He now owns Sherman Plumbing in Bennington, Nebraska – the business his father started in 1964.


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