Tish Inman

Founder and owner of Gotcha Covered
20+ Years of painting experience

Tish's father was an American diplomat. Born in Korea, Tish moved often. She and her family relocated from Korea to Venezuela to Japan and finally to Mexico. It wasn't until late in her childhood that she moved to the United States. This cultural diversity was the foundation of her love for different styles and ways of painting, refinishing and decorating.

Well versed in everything about paint and its applications, from functional to decorative, Tish provides expert advice to her clients helping them achieve the look they desire. Her decorative painting work can be found in homes and businesses across the United States and Canada, as well as many countries overseas. She’s even done three main rooms and a ceiling restoration for the Prime Minister of Trinidad.

While in Trinidad, she and a friend taught a faux finishing class. The class was made up of wonderful people with beautiful West Indian accents. And all of them insisted upon calling her "Trish". As you might expect, being called "Trish" is one of Tish's biggest pet peeves. No matter how hard they tried, however, she couldn’t get the class of West Indians to pronounce her name correctly. Finally, she hung a sign around her neck that said: "Tish No 'R'." It was a brilliant solution. No one called her “Trish” again, although one student misunderstood and addressed her from that point on as "Miss Tish No R."

Tish is founder and owner of Gotcha Covered, a painting and decorative business located in Virginia. She's published over 50 how-to tip videos and her work has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. She's also been featured in several books including Sterling Publishing’s Faux Finishing for the First Time, Equestrian Style by Vicky Moon and Designer Faux Finishing Ideas and Inspirations for Sophisticated Surfaces by Victor DeMasi. And if that isn't enough, she's developing a special process called Fauxsaics™, which will incorporate laser cut stencils and decorative concrete to create faux mosaic work.


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