Tom Dredge

Founder and Owner of Board Room Designs
25+ years of building experience

Tom hadn’t originally intended on going into the building industry. He graduated college with a marketing degree. While sending out résumés, he took a temporary job in a lumberyard. Tom never did land a marketing job, but his lumberyard experienced helped him get into management at a home improvement center. While working there, he bought his first house. That house was the beginning of his lifelong building and construction career.

Tom’s new home was actually quite an old house that needed several major improvements. It was his experience making those improvements that sparked his passion for building. After several years of experience in home improvement centers and personal home improvement projects, Tom went to work for a custom homebuilder.

His first day on the job, Tom met his new bosses at one of their high-end homes. They handed him a deadbolt lock and a screwdriver. He’d never installed a lock, much less a lock on a door costing more than his first car! He got the job done, but his new bosses weren’t impressed. “You know,” one of them said, “you’ve got to get faster at that.”

That was more than 25 years ago, and Tom’s been getting faster and better ever since. A self-proclaimed “hands-on contractor who is on the job every day,” in 2000, he founded Board Room Designs, a full-service construction company in Batavia and Aurora, Illinois.


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