How do I control weeds in my yard?


You work hard on your lawn and want to keep it looking good, so here are a few tips to control those pesky weeds.


You work hard on your lawn all spring. Then, one day you walk out and – from out of nowhere – there they are: weeds. So what do you do? Whatever it takes. But before you ever get to that point there are a few steps you can take to prevent a massive outbreak of crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds. First, water your yard deeply several times in the beginning of spring. This helps your grass’s roots grow deeper, leaving less room for weeds to take root. Secondly, don’t set your lawn mower too low. By using a higher setting, the taller grass helps shade the weed seeds. This also makes it harder for them to grow. Finally, fertilize and feed your yard regularly. This makes your lawn thicker and ensures fewer weeds.When you do see a weed or two, use a selective lawn weed killer in a ready-to-use form, hose-end concentrate or mix. Just follow the directions on the bottle. Using a tank sprayer can selectively target weeds without harming your grass.And what if you look into your yard and it seems like there are more weeds than grass? Apply a weed-and-feed granular product like this one. It kills dandelions and other major lawn weeds. Once the weeds are dead, the fertilizer feeds your lawn to help it repair the bare spots left behind by the weeds. For more specific tips on weed control and lawn maintenance, visit your local Westlake Hardware. We’re always here to help.


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