How do I hang a picture on the wall when there isn't a stud?



Whether you’re hanging artwork, mirrors or picture frames, you’re going to need special hangers or fasteners when there isn’t a stud. The type of fastener you need depends on where you’re hanging something. In this video, we’ll tell you what you need for all kinds of walls.


A home is only a house until you add personalized touches, like mirrors, artwork and photos. But hanging things properly in a location where there’s no stud isn’t always easy.The kind of hanger you need depends on the weight of the piece you’re hanging, as well as the type of wall. For drywall, lighter pieces can be hung with a simple picture hook. For medium-sized or larger pieces, you’ll need to use a wall anchor, toggle bolt or molly bolt. Anchors screw or get nailed into the drywall, depending on the type, and then you place a screw into the anchor. Both toggle bolts and molly bolts have wings that expand when inserted into the wall to give you extra support, especially in drywall. You just drill a pilot hole and tap in your fastener.Always check the packaging on the hanger to see if it’s appropriate for the size and weight of your piece.For plaster or masonry, use a masonry bit to make a pilot hole for the wall anchor. When you buy an anchor, it’s usually packaged with the right sized screw, as well as instructions on the right sized drill bit.If you have any questions about hanging a piece, visit your local Westlake Hardware. We’re always here to help.


Shopping List

  • Picture Hangers
  • Anchors, Molly Bolts Or Toggle Bolts, If Needed
  • Cordless Drill For Drilling Pilot Holes, If Needed
  • Masonry Bit, If Needed
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