How do I select the right drain cleaner?


The right way to unclog a drain depends on where you have a clog – the kitchen or the bath. There are different drain cleaners for different types of clogs. And it might be that a drain cleaner by itself won’t do the trick. You made need some other tools, too. We’ll walk you through all of the considerations in this video.


Not all clogs and sinks are created equal. The reasons for clogging often depend on where you have a backup. And how you handle that clog differs on where it happens.First, know what’s in your drain cleaner. If you want to avoid harsh chemicals for environmental reasons or due to the effects they may have on your pipes or finishes, look for an organic drain cleaner. These are also safer to have around a home where there are small children. Whether you buy a chemical or organic drain cleaner, don’t just buy the cheapest or the most expensive. Price doesn’t necessarily mean a cleaner is going to be better or worse than other cleaners. When you’re looking to unclog a kitchen drain, you need a drain cleaner that’s going to get into food and other organic matter and break it up into smaller pieces so that they flow through the pipes.For bathroom clogs, a cleaner alone often won’t do the job. That’s because most bathroom clogs are caused by hair. Cleaners don’t break hair down, so in addition to the cleaner, you’ll need a strainer and a drain brush.Don’t mix or combine different types of drain cleaners because it could create a toxic chemical reaction. Plus it could make it impossible to unblock the drain manually with a drain snake because of the risk of exposure to chemical mixtures.Finally, don’t just think of drain cleaners for emergencies. By using a small amount of drain cleaner on a regular basis, you can break up little clogs before they become bigger ones.Visit your local Westlake Hardware for questions about which cleaners would work best for your particular clogs. We’re always here to help.


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